• Sell Your Home For Less

    You can sell your house using a traditional agent and pay 6% commission. Or you can call us and save thousands

  • What scenario applies to you?

  • If You're Selling A House AND Buying Another


    We collect a $2,500 service charge at closing when your house sells


    We then rebate to you the $2,500 when you purchase a new home


    You have up to 2-years to purchase a new home and collect the rebate


    Service charge will be waived if purchase of new home is within 7 days of selling house


    Must use Zero Dollar Listings representation when purchasing a home and a purchase price of at least $200,000 to qualify for rebate

  • Selling A House Only​


    We collect a $2,500 service charge at closing when your house sells


    Same great customer service and full representation


    No hidden fees or commissions


    Just $2,500 to sell your house

  • Our Process To Sell Your House

    The First Meeting

    We meet with you to check out the condition of your house, recommend any repairs or updates and review recent sales in the area.  We also provide staging advice to make your house look good for pictures and showings then we review the listing documents with you.

    The Listing Meeting

    Together we review recent sales comps in your neighborhood and determine an appropriate listing price for your house. We then complete and sign the listing documents and we shoot hi-quality pictures of your house. Lastly we will review the selling process with you.

    Putting Your House On MLS​

    This is where we place your house on the market.  We upload the description, information and pictures to MLS.  We will also place one of our For Sale sign in the front yard and put the lockbox on the front door.  Your house is now For Sale!

    Advertise Your House​

    We advertise your house by propogating your listing to over 300 websites including Realtor.com Zillow, and Trulia. We provide social media advertising, we hold an Open House, if desired, and provide feedback from your showings.

    Selling Your House​

    When offers are made we negotiate to get you the most money for your house.  After your house is under contract we negotiate the repair requests, manage the appraisal process and track the progress of the buyer's financing.

    Closing The Sale​

    As the closing date nears we schedule a time with the title company to sign all the closing documents, we review all the closing documents with you and on the day of your closing we meet you at the title company to make sure your closing goes smoothly.

  • We Save You Money!

    Our clients save on average over $11,000 when selling their house. We are revolutionizing the real estate industry by offering quality service that's affordable. See how much you can save in commissions by using Zero Dollar Listings versus a traditional agent or discount brokerage.

    The $0 listing commission applies to homeowners who are buying another house after selling their house. For homeowners wanting to just sell their house we charge a flat $2,500 service charge.

  • I've been told many times that this offer sounds too good to be true. There must be a catch, a bait-and-switch, or a 'gotcha' somewhere. I promise you that there are no 'gotchas'. I put everything in writing so you will see exactly what you are paying to sell your house. I'm David Maisch, a licensed real estate broker and owner of Zero Dollar Listings, and I will sell your house for no listing fees or listing commission. This is not a discount or "flat-fee" limited service listing where you do all the work. My team and I provide FULL SERVICE representation from pre-listing support all the way through closing the deal. I started Zero Dollar Listings with two goals in mind:

    • Providing you great customer service
    • Saving you thousands of dollars when selling your house 

    As home prices continue to rise so do the costs of selling a house. While every house is unique, the process to sell a house is the same for all. Selling a home is about finding that one buyer who falls in love with a house so much that they are willing to spend their hard earned money to make that house their own. I started Zero Dollar Listings in June, 2017 and in that time have helped many homeowners save thousands of dollars. The process to sell a house is straight forward and doesn't change, so why should the owner of a $300,000 house pay 50% more in commissions than the owner of a $200,000 house? The Realtor commission model is broken and we're not going to play by the old rules anymore. Our goal is to save our clients as much money as possible when selling their house. This is why we charge a $0 commission to sell your house. You shouldn't have to choose between paying a 6% commission for full service representation or using a discount "flat-fee" company offering mediocre limited service. With Zero Dollar Listings you can have great service from listing to closing, for less than those "flat-fee" companies. David Maisch Owner of Zero Dollar Listings

  • We Provide The Best Customer Service

    We sell over 50 houses a year.  We know what it takes to get your house sold for the most money in the least amount of time.

  • Who Is Zero Dollar Listings

    David Maisch

    Understanding that buying a house is the biggest financial decision most people make in their life, I pride myself on not just selling houses, but finding the right home for each of my clients. I am a single father of 3 wonderful kids. I attended college at the University of Missouri, receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. After graduating I moved to Northern California and began working in the Semiconductor Industry which allowed me to live and work around the world. Finally settling down in Dallas, I worked at Texas Instruments for 13 years. After 20 years in the corporate world and deciding a career change was in order, I became a licensed General Contractor and launched my own real estate investment, construction and land development company. This eventually led me to my career as a real estate agent and broker. I believe that honing my project management skills in corporate america and my hands-on knowledge of building and remodeling houses give me a unique advantage over most other real estate agents in the business today. When working with clients I use a relaxed, low pressure, low key approach; and believe that open communication is the key to a stress free buying or selling experience.

    Colletta Harper

    As a trained engineer, Colletta observes the world through analytical eyes, quickly and efficiently identifying problems and multiple possible solutions. Her “make it happen” approach coupled with tenacity, integrity, and commitment to customer service throughout her career has impressed the leaders of the most well known health plan clients around the country with whom she worked in the efficient delivery of life saving medications across the country. Today as a real estate professional, she is bringing those same skills and talents to an equally broad spectrum of discriminating clients.

    A focused listener, able advisor and fierce advocate, Colletta is known for her intuition and diligence while employing encouragement and genuine concern as she strives to create a positive experience for both sides in any property transaction. Her business approach is direct and successful: she listens to the client's needs and matches them to the right property, then assures an honest and efficient transaction.

    Colletta’s mantra is..Who’s life have you impacted today? This is the key to her long-term relationships with her clients, and that same philosophy permeates her personal life. She is a former CASA advocate and tiger Mom to 8 year old twin boys, Micaiah and Josiah. Her aim is to help her clients visualize and realize their goals...make their visions a reality. She believes it's a great time to be alive and the DFW metroplex is absolutely the best place to live, work, and play!

    Afrora Lola Krasniqi​

    Having an international experience in customer service and being focused in understanding clients needs and wants is what makes her thrive in the industry she is involved in! Afrora started her career in 2004 in Vienna Austria, where she worked with her family and studied International Development. Since then she has traveled around the world, where she was involved with different cultures and build her extraordinarily customer service experience! “All it takes in this industry is to listen carefully to your customer and see things through their perspective, when this relationship turns into a friendship then you are doing your job right”. In 2013 joining her husband in Plano, TX Afrora got involved in real estate investment and helped her husband in restaurant industry. Getting to know the Texas culture, using her experience, negotiation skills and dealing with the multiple cultures in the same market is what made her chose to become an agent, to serve the clients while staying on top of the industry. Speaking several languages: Albanian, German, Spanish.... combined her her university degrees and her extraordinary customer service skills is what makes her a unique well informed agent!

    Matt Corcoran​

    Matt has been a licensed real estate agent for 2 years, working and training exclusively under David Maisch. Prior to getting his real estate license Matt was a mortgage broker for 4 years. Matt's extensive knowledge of the mortgage business along with his knowledge of the real estate market makes Matt a value team member of Zero Dollar Listings.

    Avonti Chavez

    As a third generation Realtor, Avonti grew up in the real estate industry from an early age. She started her career in the multi-family sector managing multi-million dollar portfolios. After receiving her real estate license, she worked as a contract manager, negotiating hundreds of real estate transactions for sellers, buyers and investors. She has worked in new home construction as a sales counselor for luxury, custom home builders in the DFW area. Her broad and extensive market experience and data analysis skills bring insight and expertise to the buyers and sellers she assists every day.

    Brooke Cumiskey

    I am a motivated, determined and compassionate woman who brings an infectious energy, assuring you are in capable hands when it comes to the home buying/selling experience. As a former ranch hand, I believe my secret to success is my ability to regroup and formulate new plans when things go awry. By having twelve years of service industry experience under my belt, I have a knowledge and understanding of peoples wants and needs. I look forward to helping you in your journey as a homeowner.

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